Where Do Fleas Hide?

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Nicholas MartinNicholas Martin Staff answered 9 months ago

Fleas are parasites that no one will be happy to see invading their houses. These insects are very persistent in their mission to bite mammals, such as dogs, or even humans. These species may hide in your house and on pets.

Fleas Hiding Spots – Where Do Fleas Hide in the House?

Controlling these parasites has proven to be problematic. One of the main reasons is that they are tiny. It makes it hard to spot them with your naked eyes easily. Another reason is that many people do not know their hiding spots. Below are some places to check for fleas.

Carpets and rugs

Female fleas lay their eggs in darker places. The larvae love dark areas, and that’s why they will usually move away from places near a source of light. One of the spots in your house they can get such conditions is carpets and rugs. Since female fleas lay eggs with a sticky substance, it makes it easy for larvae to be attached to the carpet fibers.

Sofa cushions

Fleas that are at the pupae stage may also hide in the sofa cushions. At this stage, they are most dormant, hence love places with minimal disturbance. If you have pets at home, make sure to check the sofa and other cushions, as it is one of the favorite spots for fleas.


Your mattress and beddings are also potential hiding places for fleas. These insects generally love warmth, and that’s why your bed makes a good habitat for them. If you have a dog or two, check under their sleeping places, too, as these areas come as perfect hiding spots for fleas.

Fleas on Pets – Where Do Fleas Hide on Dogs?

Dogs are very susceptible to fleas, among pets. Therefore, it is important to inspect them for these parasites regularly, and here is where to look for fleas on your pet:

The tail ends

The tail ends of dogs are usually covered with much fur. It makes it a perfect spot for fleas to hide and breed. The female species also prefer such areas for laying their eggs.

Under the fur

A known fact about adult fleas is that they tend to live around the mammals’ hair coat. Therefore, in dogs, you will find these insects hiding near the hair roots. This way, they get closer to the dogs’ skin to suck blood, at the same time, hiding well from the naked eyes.

Nicholas MartinNicholas Martin Staff replied 9 months ago

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