What to do when you have cockroaches in your apartment?

Ask QuestionsCategory: CockroachesWhat to do when you have cockroaches in your apartment?
AvatarDamian asked 2 years ago
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AvatarLiza Smith Staff answered 2 years ago

In the first instance try to understand the reason for the cockroaches to nest in your apartment. Clean up and disinfect your food area, eliminate all possible drain problems, don’t leave your trash can full for more than one day, wash the dishes after every meal and you’ll eliminate all the apartment roach attractors. Still, there may be an in-house infestation problem. In old buildings cockroaches often live in the sewers or in the walls. In this case you may have to contact your landlord or building supervisor. Probably, they’ll call Pest Control for the whole building.
When you removed all the roach attractors from your apartment, we strongly advise you to install cockroach traps and bait stations in the places most likely infested. You can make them yourself (the jar with potato slices will do) or buy them from different pesticide producers. As a trap we’d recommend Black Flag Roach Motel, they are non-toxic and work perfect with gluing roaches for good. If you need more deadly means, try HARRIS Boric Acid Roach and Silverfish Killer Powder or Harris Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.
Remember that roaches breed quickly, so even if you use baits and powders for months, you will probably have to repeat their diffusion in a month or two to make sure the newborns from the layed eggs are also exterminated.
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