What to do when you find a cockroach in your house?

Ask QuestionsCategory: CockroachesWhat to do when you find a cockroach in your house?
AvatarMolly R. asked 2 years ago
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AvatarLiza Smith Staff answered 2 years ago

Don’t panic! Finding a cockroach in your house doesn’t mean that you live in an unhygienic environment. Cockroaches may live in communication systems, drains and even walls of your building. Pests of this kind fancy dark, warm and wet places, so try to make sure that you don’t have any pipe leaks or permanently wet things in your bathroom or kitchen (rags, sponges, towels etc.) Get rid of all the rags and paper rubbish you may have collected — piles of trash are preferable for cockroach nesting.
Other first steps include; meticulously cleaning everything in your apartment with disinfector, hiding human and pet food for the night, wiping out all the wet spots in your bathroom and kitchen before going to bed, removing garbage as often as possible. Cockroaches need food and water and if won’t provide any of it, they won’t stay with you for long.
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