What should I use to kill cockroaches?

Ask QuestionsCategory: CockroachesWhat should I use to kill cockroaches?
AvatarKeira asked 2 years ago
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AvatarLiza Smith Staff answered 2 years ago

There are many types of insecticides that can be used for the cockroaches. You can make your own bait with Borax or diatomaceous earth (you can buy Borax powder from Millard and diatomaceous earth from Earthwork Health) if your roach population is relatively small. Another way of dealing with pests is not killing but gluing them to special adhesive-based traps (like Hoy-Hoy Trap a Roach). Those methods will work if there is no more than one small nest.
The next step is toxic baits in trap stations (Raid Double Control is your choice here) or gels (see Bayer FC Magnum). Before placing them you will have to find cockroaches’ nesting spot and make sure there isn’t any other food source for them. These kind of insecticides are toxic and can be dangerous for your kids and pets. Don’t let them near!
If there is more cockroaches than you can handle, even with traps and baits, call the cockroach exterminator. It’s an expensive service (no less than $100 for a visit), but it will pay out when the bugs are gone.
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