How to Use Borax to Kill Fleas?

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Nicholas MartinNicholas Martin Staff answered 9 months ago

Eliminating fleas can be problematic, but it is essential to get rid of these insects for yours and your pets’ well-being. However, it comes even more challenging if you are using the wrong means to do it.

By applying the right chemicals, such as borax, you can deal with the infestation easily. Borax for fleas is a common and most effective way of eliminating them. It is a chemical that is made of a combination of orthoboric acid, acidum boracium, boracic acid, and hydrogen borate.

How will borax kill fleas?

Once you apply to your house areas infested with fleas, the chemical will find destroy their larvae and eggs. Moreover, it will kill the fleas at all the life stages by dehydrating them. Here are the steps to follow when applying the chemical:

Begin by cleaning the house

Once you apply borax, it is not advisable to immediately clean the house, so make sure to do it before using the chemical. Cleaning helps to eliminate dust and dirt particles lying around and also remove anything you don’t want coming into contact with the chemical.

Apply borax

Once you finish cleaning, apply borax by gently sprinkling the solution over the affected surfaces. Make sure to apply it even on hard-to-reach areas, such as corners and under the furniture. Also, you can use a brush to spread borax beneath and between the carpet’s fabric.

Give the chemical time

Allow borax to settle and do the work of killing fleas. The minimum waiting time should be six hours, but you can let it settle for even a day or two.
Clean floor and carpets
Once you let enough time for borax to work, clean your surfaces after the application of the chemical. It will help to eliminate the dead fleas and their larvae.

Is Borax Safe for Pets to Walk On?

In short, no. Borax is generally a poisonous chemical. It means that it is unsafe to use near any animal, and you need to keep your pets away from the treated areas for the time mentioned above. In some cases, your dog may get poisoned by borax even by simply inhaling it. Therefore, take precaution measures and don’t let your pets walk on borax-treated spots.