How much does a cockroach exterminator cost?

Ask QuestionsCategory: CockroachesHow much does a cockroach exterminator cost?
AvatarRaymond asked 2 years ago
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AvatarLiza Smith Staff answered 2 years ago

If your cockroach problem is bigger than pesticides from the home and garden store can handle, you’ll have to call the exterminator team. Extermination will cost you from $100 to $400 depending on the area of infestation and its density. There are three main modes of work in cockroach elimination: professional exterminator will either apply pesticide mist or toxic powder or use neurotoxins. Exterminators work mainly with Cynoff WP and other strong (and sometimes toxic) chemicals. Perhaps, you will have to leave your house for a couple of days and take all your pets with you. And don’t forget your fish tank! Pesticides can be extremely dangerous for the fish.
Exterminators may also recommend maintenance measures if your house is at risk. The insecticide maintenance works must be held regularly, they will cost you from $30 to $100. Please, be careful when choosing the exterminator: they deal with dangerous substances and must have a special license to do that.
Cockroach extermination is a very expensive way of dealing with those insects. If you’re not ready for it yet, you may try to solve the problem yourself with the help of roach traps (for example: Black Flag Roach Motel) baits (for example: Harris Roach Tablets, Vendetta Roach Gel Bait) or use boric acid/diatomaceous earth as a more eco-friendly option (for example: Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade).
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