How do you get rid of sugar ants in the house?

Ask QuestionsCategory: AntsHow do you get rid of sugar ants in the house?
AvatarFreddy asked 2 years ago
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AvatarLiza Smith Staff answered 2 years ago

The most attractive places for ants in the house are kitchen and bathroom, so we’d recommend to to begin with examining them. The kitchen is a number one ant location because of the food smells and traces. Ants are attracted to sweet and greasy products, so try to eliminate all the possible sources of such food. Wash your kitchen thoroughly every night and don’t leave any food outside your fridge or cupboard. Polish all the kitchen surfaces with vinegar, so that they couldn’t find it by the smell. Try not to use strong chemical pesticides in the kitchen, they may get to your food. Better make your own natural bait or buy one of the eco-friendly sprays: EucoClean 3-in-1 or Eco Defense Home Pest Control.
As for the bathroom, look for any leaks and humid places which attract ants and try to get rid of them. Any freestanding water is a magnet for the ants. Trying a nontoxic spray seems like a reasonable first step in this case too. If ants don’t leave after you sprayed their trails with natural mixes, set traps. You may make your own traps or buy one (Terro Liquid Killer, for example). More recipes and trap types can be found in our article on sugar ants.