How do you eliminate stink bugs?

Ask QuestionsCategory: BugsHow do you eliminate stink bugs?
AvatarPhillip Jefferson asked 2 years ago
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AvatarLiza Smith Staff answered 2 years ago

If your garden is infested with stink bugs, don’t use pesticides meant for other insects. Stink bugs require special treatment. If the infestation is still small, try to pick them by hand. You can also squash a pair of stink bugs — that would be a signal for others to get away from danger. However, in case of a severe infestation you will need special pesticides. Use BUGG Outdoor Concentrate or Harris Stink Bug killer for spraying the perimeter of your garden. Bugs will get the pesticide on their legs and ingest it while cleaning themselves. It may take several weeks to end the infestation. The best time for pesticide use is early spring, when the bug immune system is still week. More pesticides can be found in our article on a stink bug infestation.
If there are stink bugs in your house, we strongly recommend to collect them by hand or with the help of a vacuum cleaner. There is a type of vacuums specially designed for gathering insects (DoubleFly Pest Control), if you don’t want your home cleaner to get smelly from the bugs. If the indoor infestation takes a threatening shape, you can use the same pesticide that are used for the garden. Just remember that they contain strong chemicals and always leave the room for a couple of hours after the usage.