How do stink bugs die on their own?

Ask QuestionsCategory: BugsHow do stink bugs die on their own?
AvatarIsaac asked 2 years ago
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AvatarLiza Smith Staff answered 2 years ago

Stink bugs are not able to cope with the cold. If you don’t want to squash them (and that’s wise of you), just collect them with hands or DIY traps and throw them into the cold. They come to your home to hibernate during winter months because for a stink bug that kind of weather means death.
To make a special trap for collecting stink bugs you will need a plastic 2-litre bottle. Cut its top, than invert it and glue to the bottle upside down so that the bottle neck points to the bottom. You will need a small battery-powered light put inside the bottle. The light will attract the bugs and they won’t be able to jump outside the bottle. You may take the collected bugs to the yard and let them die of natural causes.