Does soapy water attract stink bugs?

Ask QuestionsCategory: BugsDoes soapy water attract stink bugs?
AvatarTitus asked 2 years ago
1 Answers
AvatarLiza Smith Staff answered 2 years ago

No, soapy water doesn’t attract stink bugs. The only stink bug attraction in your house is light. However, soapy water solution is often used for killing stink bugs. The recipe is simple: mix one part liquid dish soap to five parts water in a jar or any other uncovered container, stir it. Put the jar by the wall the bugs sit on, take a chopstick and quickly flick them off so that they fall straight into the water.  Swiftness is crucial for this kind of operation: disoriented bugs are unable to release their terrible odor. The soap is needed for blocking stink bugs’ pores, in twenty minutes or so they stop breathing and drown.
After you eliminated stink bug invaders with a soapy jar bath, you can make a spray solution and sprinkle it in all the places the bugs may come from. This way every new bug in your house will slowly dehydrate and die.

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