Do cockroaches carry diseases? What diseases do cockroach cause?

Ask QuestionsCategory: CockroachesDo cockroaches carry diseases? What diseases do cockroach cause?
AvatarJacob Day asked 2 years ago
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AvatarLiza Smith Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes, they definitely do. Cockroaches are very dirty creatures, they tend to eat rotten food and  feces and body parts of each other. Did we mention that they like to nest in drain pipes and the most dark and humid parts of your house? Roaches usually infest the areas that are also perfect for dangerous bacteria. If you don’t solve the pest problem soon, your family members or pets may get sick with diarrhea and nausea from such bacteria as Salmonella, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and many others. Cockroaches ingest bacteria with dirty food spills or other insects’ faecal matter and can carry it for several months or even years, passing it through droppings to their fellow roaches, humans and animals.
Cockroaches may serve as spreading agents for a number of bacteria, which mainly cause stomach diseases: Salmonellosis, Dysentery, Cholera, Gastroenteritis, Leprosy, Typhoid fever, Listeriosis, Campylobacteriosis, even Poliomyelitis or Plague. All of these germs are found in dirt and carried to the kitchen and/or other areas for food preparation and consumption. Diarrhea and general sickness are first symptoms for all the cockroach-provoked diseases.
Another danger of having cockroaches in your house is the threat of respiratory diseases, allergies and asthma. Every cockroach leaves feces, saliva and body parts that contain specific proteins of high allergen level.