To avoid harming your pet, while dealing with cockroaches, is not that easy, but perfectly manageable. That depends on the type of a trap you’ve decided to use. Today’s cockroach traps allow you not only to catch the insects but also to get rid of them with the help of special ingredients.

First of all, try to choose cockroach traps with non-toxic trap stuffing, such as Trapper Max Glue or Becase glueboards — they don’t kill a bug right away, but can glue it for good. There’s no possibility of your cat getting into it, because the size is too small. Another good reason to buy a trap of this type is that they don’t even smell toxic, on the contrary, they attract cockroaches with yummy food smells.

For higher quantities of cockroaches, you would need a more effective substance, like tablets or powder. The easiest way of pet-friendly usage, in this case, is placing them in non-cat-reachable areas. The tablets (Harris Famous Roach & Silverfish Killer Tablets, for example) can be put under a cupboard or a bath tube, as for the powdered substances (Boric Acid or Diatomaceous Earth), they can be scattered into cracks and other small apertures insects come from.


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